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Business Funding 

Its time you stop using your own money to fund your business and learn how to access funding .


I know you've had it up to here with having to take money from your savings and or earnings to fund your business! It's Time you learn how to leverage your business to access funding!

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Our Business Funding checklist was Upgraded to give you a step by step break down of how to structure your business for maximum funding.  You may not know it but something as simple as your business name could be stopping you from accessing funding.  Here I provide you resources and even templates to get your business up on the right foot. 

Okay! So you have your LLC and your business set up properly for funding and now you're ready to start leveraging other peoples money to grow your business right? Our Business Funding ebook breaks down 4 Different ways to access funding for your Business that include: 

NON PG Business Credit Cards

Net 30 Accounts 

Grants & More!

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Ready to achieve your business goals? It's time you learn how to learn other peoples money to help you do just that . Over the next 6 Months your business could be accessing capital to help it grow and heres your guide.

Our Business Funding Course contains:

Business Funding Checklist

Business Funding Ebook 

Build Your business credit guide

3 different  Business Funding Masterclasses 


& More 



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