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We are currently accepting New applications for The DIVA "Grant".
Applications for this opportunity is limited. Apply Below
Who Are We

WIFE.MOTHER.DIVA® presents...

Previously WIFE. MOTHER. DIVA® awarded one DIVA $500 to help Start, Grow, & Fund Her Business.  This round we are turning it up a notch. For the remainder of 2023 will be awarding 2 Women Owned business  the opportunity to grow her business with a payment in the amount of (1)$500-(1)$1,000 + 3 Months of Private Coaching 

This opportunity will be awarded to Black and Minority woman-owned brands or a Woman owned brand who Is making impact in the black and brown communities. Since the mission of WIFE. MOTHER. DIVA® “empowering women every day”, we will be choosing a DIVA who is committed to empowering their community. There is no right or wrong way to describe what you do; the winner will be chosen based off the passion behind your mission. Whether you’ve been in business ten days or ten years, you can apply for the WIFE.MOTHER.DIVA® grant.No LLC is required.

 Good luck DIVA, XOXO.


Fill out the form below for the opportunity to work with WIFE. MOTHER. DIVA® and receive  $500-$1,000. Our goal is to empower women everyday and we want to do that in more ways than just one. 

There is a$30 Application Fee for  all applicants. Upon submission you will receive exclusive access to our Highly coveted Grant writing ebook ( nobody but our applicants receive this 16 page grant writing template + more)



 November 13th, 2023 - December 31st, 2023 

10 finalist will move on to round 2 ( don't be scared)

2 Winners will Announced  By January 14th, 2023


Woman Owned Brand

Currently or looking to make impact in Black /Brown Communities

Must be at least 18 years of age

Must be located in the United States

Apply Now!

Do you have your LLC?
How much has your business generated in the last 12 months

Terms  & Conditions 

Upon submitting your application you will be directed to pay a $30 application fee. This fee is non- refundable.  Your $30 goes toward the purchase of our Grant writing ebook, templates and much more. Thank you for empowering another woman. Thank you for empowering me.  By submitting your payment you are agreeing to these terms and guarantee this is you and your business applying for this opportunity

WIFE. MOTHER. DIVA® is committed to empowering women every day. This fee will allow us to do just that, providing funds to give more opportunities  to small women-owned businesses. 


Do I need an LLC to apply?

No, you do not need an LLC to apply however you MUST use the funds  toward obtaining your LLC.

Im located in a US territory, can I still  apply ?

Yes, you can still apply. 

Why is there a $30 Application Fee?

WIFE. MOTHER. DIVA® is not a non for profit agency. Our $30 application fee helps keeps our business operating and allows us to fund The DIVA "Grant". In return you receive access to our  Grant writing ebook which includes access to our 2 Day grant Writing workshop, a full grant proposal and so much more.

Yes you can write your $30 investment off on your Taxes as a business educational investment. 

Thank you so much for Empowering Us! I promise to return it back 10x over

Is this a Grant?

 WIFE. MOTHER. DIVA@ is looking to invest in your brand in exchange for you allowing us to help you grow it. These funds do not have to be paid back as it is a payment for doing the work. 

This isn't simply a "GRANT" its an opportunity

How often can you apply?

You may apply Each quarter if have not previously won or if you have changes/ updates in your proposal. There is a $30 application fee to apply each time

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