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Hey DIVA! 

Below you'll find the answers to  our most popular questions. If you do not see an answer to your question  email us your question

1. Do we only work with mothers?

Here at WIFE.MOTHER.DIVA L.L.C we work with aspiring and current WOMEN entrepreneurs 

2. What is a Discovery Call?

A Discovery call an opportunity for me to get to know you as a potential client, learn about your business, and how I can further assist you. This call also provides you the time to pick my brain on anything you may need help with in your business.

 Our Discovery Calls are priced at $100 and comes with a Free copy of my Business and Branding Ebook.


3. Do we offer LLC Filing Services ?

Yes, we offer LLC Filing Services to PA residents Only. Ive created and ebook to guide you through doing the entire process yourself or only $37. If you wish to have WIFE. MOTHER. DIVA. L.L.C complete this process for you our service fee of $397 + $125 PA State fee will apply


4. How much does it cost to file my LLC?

The Price to file your LLC will depend on your states filing fee. Our DIVA  Behind Business & Branding ebook

conveniently provides you with everything you will need to file your LLC in your individual state. You will find a list containing your state Fees and links to the direct site were you will file.  

5. How do I start a Business?

Starting a business takes time and commitment. Begin Branding Yourself. Identify your target market and clarify your message. Create your LLC while in this process as your LLC name does not have to match your "Business"  name. 

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