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Upgrade your Branding with me in person, in your city! 

Tour Dates: 

Saturday, April 1st - Washington, DC
Sunday, April 2nd - Baltimore
Saturday, April 29th - New York
Sunday, April 30th - Delaware

Embarking on a women empowerment tour, where we unite to build a stronger community of badass women. We're diving deep into the topic of branding - discovering our authentic selves, defining our unique voice, and crafting a powerful message that resonates with our audience.


But this isn't just about business. It's about elevating each other, supporting each other, and igniting a fire within us all. It's about breaking down barriers, shattering glass ceilings, and creating a future where women can thrive.


We're on this journey together, and I couldn't be more hopeful for what's to come. Let's empower each other, lift each other up, and create something truly amazing.


which tour stop will we see you in?

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