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WELCOME to the DIVA Room!

Experience the luxury of The DIVA Room by WIFE. MOTHER. DIVA® . Our Black woman owned creative space will help you create the Brand of your Dreams with the help of our Creative Director and Business Coach. Unlock the power of your vision and join us today!

Meet Your Host

Hey DIVA, I'm Tahira! 

Your Host! 

I am the CEO of WIFE. MOTHER. DIVA ® a business and branding agency for women of color and the owner of The DIVA Room. The DIVA Room was created in mind for my DIVAS and designed after my own personality . Every piece inside was chosen for a reason. The aesthetic is very luxury & calm yet bold. My favorite thing to see is our guest walk and they are overly pleased with the space from the aroma to the music. 


The BEST part about booking the DIVA ROOM is the custom Experience provided by me your host. I do everything from lotioning Feet,  Steaming clothes, blowing up balloons, did I mention the Wine?  

This is honestly something you have to come experience for yourself. 



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