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A Free Webinar on How to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.


Presents our Business Vault; a collection of digital products and recordings that will guide to through starting your  business, creating an additional stream of income and obtaining  funding.

Gain access for only $10/month

What's Inside: 

Starting a business requires a lot of time, money & energy. So what if you could create a product 1 time and make money literally in your sleep without every having to lift a finger.  This guide to creating your own digital product is going to  help you create and additional stream or current stream on income in your business. The best part? You profit of the revenue100%

Our Business and Branding Ebook is the guide to staring you business. You will learn how to properly structure your business as an LLC.  You will be provided with templates and resources to help ensure your business is ready for business. Structuring your Business correctly first will help with you get to our business funding ebook as your Funding experience will be much smoother.

The Business Funding Ebook was created as many black-owned businesses typically aren't exposed to funding, but I've been thankful to have learned a lot, and now I want to share the wealth. 


So many people are struggling financially in business but don't know where to get help. Meanwhile, there are so many avenues out there to get funding. This ebook Teaches you how to apply for business credit cards, how to apply for grants, and so much more.


This ebook will help you begin running your business differently and on a different level. 

You might remeber the orignal checklist but this one is new and improved! It was created with more information and more resources to help ensure that your business is set up properly and that you will be able to receive funding when the time comes. The checklist includes links to past masterclasses and links to take you directly to websites that will give you additonal information. I left no stone unturned. Get the checklist today and get to work on your Dreams

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The 9 Ways to Market Your Business on Social Media Ebook gives you the tools to creating the type of content that your business needs. No fluff, just straight knowledge on how you should be creating and what you should be creating. Marketing isnt super hard when you have a stargety and that's exactly what this book is giving you! 

The Ultimate Secret Lenders List was created to 

show you that the money is out there! Its a list  of lenders and credit bureaus that could potentially assist your business with getting funds.


3 Years ago I started the business that would change not only my life but the lives of many Women.

Thank you for Empowering Me

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