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Learn About Past Winners Who are Women Just Like You!


Teonna McCurry

Founder & CEO of

Teonna McCurry Real Estate

Teonna is a mommy of one based in Philadelphia whose passion is helping young families find their dream home. After purchasing her first home at age 26, she obtained my real estate license at age 29 to help young moms and families build generational wealth. 

Learn More About Teonna via Instagram at @Teonna.therealtor

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Myra & Destiny 

Founders of ABC Conversations

Myra and Destiny are the creators of ABC conversations and two therapist. Myra is a licensed therapist based in San Diego and Destiny is currently in her masters program pursing her Counseling degree. The purpose of ABC conversations is to spark conversations between mothers and daughters; and those who have mother/daughter relationships. ABC conversations is a set of cards that ask unique questions to engage mothers and daughters in conversations that may be difficult. 

Learn more about Myra and Destiny via Instagram at @abc.conversations

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Janiah Spooner

Founder & CEO of The Nail Academy

aniah is a nail artist/coach based in Atlanta. She offers affordable classes to anyone who has a desire to learn, as well as coaching them along the way. She also has merch & customizable products so techs can 

rep their business in style! 

Learn more about Janiah via Instagram

Jessica Holman

Founders of Pardon My Glow Makeup Academy

Jey is a full-time makeup artist, beautypreneur, educator, and owner of Pardon My Glow Makeup Academy from Baltimore, Maryland. PMG Makeup Academy is one of a kind-- created and ran solely by her. We offer a rigorous curriculum, scholarships, professional photo shoot, SFX classes, and a program for girls ages 8-18. The 5 week Beauty Camp is a mentor program for young girls who struggle with self love and self confidence. My mission is to provide these future leaders of the world with the proper foundation-- not just talking about makeup. Upon completion of Beauty Camp, the girls learn not only beauty enhancing skills but communication & leadership skills, professional business etiquette, etc. 

Learn more about Jey via Instagram at @glowmakeupschool

Shelbi White

Founders of Athlete StandUp LLC

 Shelbi is a vibrant, tenacious DIVA, and passionate about helping parents, coaches, and teammates support the mental health needs of athletes competing across all performance levels! The vision of launching her private practice, Athlete Stand UP, was birthed in 2020 after her heart cried out for the loss of a 15-year-old teen, JoVianni Smith, who lost her life to suicide after struggling to cope with being isolated from her sport during the Covid pandemic. It was how her heart cried out for the loss of such a beautiful young black fellow DIVA, who was mentally tormented and robbed of such a bright future ahead of herself, which awakened clarity to the purpose God has assigned over my life. Leveraging her former collegiate and professional athletic experiences, she formed her company Athlete Stand UP, to advocate and holistically educate the athletic community to find high value by identifying, understanding, and supporting the mental health needs of athletes competing at the youth, high school, collegiate, and professional levels. 

Learn more about Shelbi via Instagram at @athletestandup

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