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I'm Tahira! 

Wife, Mother of 3 and Women's Business Coach.  Founder and CEO of  WIFE. MOTHER. DIVA®    

I always envisioned myself EMPOWERING Women! I started my journey empowering women through beauty and motherhood but then I noticed something! I noticed that we needed more resources and more women in position to stand for us! We needed more thriving women owned businesses! More black Midwives & doulas, more products for women created by women. More women creating opportunities for Women!
So I birthed @wifemotherdiva  

Today I coach a wide range of owned BRANDS located in cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago , LA  New York & More! 

I help women START, GROW ➕FUND the business of their DREAMS  

Digital Products

Discovery Calls

Group Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching 

Branding Services + Consulting Services 



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